instagram salon search

There are tons of ways to find great hair and nail salons. Sometimes Yelp isn’t the best way. There are a lot of boutique salons or micro salons that simple don’t have the volume of customers to get high ranks on yelp or the resources to come up on maps. One great place to turn is instagram. Stylists typically will have an instagram account and post pictures of their clients depicting the quality of their true work. The best stylists or technicians can be found on instagram especially if your looking for someone who does something unique.

If you follow and like a lot of hair and makeup stuff on instagram when you do search you will be able to scroll over and find a category for this. You can also do a search by location by hitting the Places tab next to tags.  Sometimes you can get lucky and find an instagram account that using the word your searching for in their name and they will show up in a Places Search.

This is how we found a great salon that specializes in Glitter Gel Nails Art in Tempe. Addicted To Nails. check out their instagram to see why we got so excited.