You came here curious or having a question in mind of what is the main history of Brazilian Blowout? Well, you are just few seconds away to find it out. From the source name of Brazilian, this type of technique in hair straightening comes from Brazil. Since then, people have called it in different names like Brazilian Blow Dry, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, Brazilian Blowout and more. Though the main effect of this type of service helps the customer get a smooth hair. Nowadays, it is commonly named as Keratin Smoothing or Keratin Treatment. Before, they used toxic and dangerous chemical. But today, they revised the ways in treating hair using a different and safer method like using products that don’t have FORMALDEHYDE, which is the cause of toxic and a dangerous chemical.


FORMALDEHYDE has Glycolic Acid or GA that was used ever since for anti-aging. It is even used in products for your skin. It has been proven that GA can penetrate in cuticle layer of our hair, giving it the ability to attach in our hair leaving it smoother than your regular shampoo. Also, it helps you have a manageable, shiny and soft hair. Nowadays, this Brazilian method is revised to have a non-toxic or dangerous products used, so you can rest your head and stop worrying about getting your hair damaged from Keratin Treatment. Thanks to the innovators in this products, you can enjoy a smooth, silky and healthy hair without worries.

How Long Does The Treatment Work?

After the treatment you can immediately feel the improvement of your hair. It would last up to 2-3 months which stays definitely longer than those other services that you had for your hair treatment.

Advantages To Expect?

Aside from having a smooth, silky, shiny and manageable hair. The advantages you would get from Keratin Treatment will reduce frizz, repair the damage in your hair and making it perfect for any occasion you are going to. Plus, if you want to have a different style for your hair next week, you can confidently make your hair wavy, curly and yes you still get the same quality of smoothness as it is safe to style your hair. It can keep your hair straight but not as the same as other straightening services because the main job of Brazilian Blowout, is to keep your hair healthy and at the same time treat it from damaged.

It is perfect for those who want to keep the smoothness in their hair and style it whatever they want, even in every other week. Just don’t expect to have the same straightness as you will get from straightening service.

Now that you have the idea of the history of Brazilian Blowout, it would be easier for you to determine if it fits for your hair or not. It’s one of the best service you can get to make you have a healthy and beautiful hair. But it all depends to you on how you want your hair taken care of.