There are a lot of HAIR TREATMENTS in the market right now. And SALONS also offer a lot of different kinds of hair treatment. Here are the truths of HAIR TREATMENTS as my years of experience managing a salon and years and years of attending and doing HAIR SEMINARS taught me.

As I have said in my KIKAY MUCH! TIPS it is advisable or better to seek a professional hair treatment once in a while. If you have extra budget once a month hair treatment will do.

Take NOTE: hair treatments are good for your hair and are advised by professionals for at least once a month. You can never OVER DO a hair treatment the more hair treatment you do the more it strengthens and repairs you hair.

There are two kinds of HAIR TREATMENTS:

One kind concentrates on smoothing and repairing the OUTER LAYER of the hair, which is the CUTICLE layer of the hair shalf. In this kind of treatments you can feel the difference of your hair right after the treatment. It usually smells good and some treatments have a minty feeling.


The other kind is that it penetrates to the INNER LAYER of the hair shalf to the CORTEX and repairing damages that were cause by previous chemical process.

Lets discuss the TOP HAIR TREATMENTS being offered by leading SALONS.

  • HOT OIL – a deep conditioning hair treatment smoothing the outer layer of you hair. Some have aromatherapy, some have coconut extracts, some are specifically for colored hair, some also are for relaxed and straightened hair. Usually done with hair steamers.
  • HAIR SPA – also a treatment for outer layer of the hair and focuses on the scalp, this kind of treatment usually are aromatic in nature to give a relaxing feel for the client.


  • POWER DOSE (LOREAL) or Treatments that comes in a VIAL- These kinds of treatments are the once who sip inside the hair and repairing it from the inside. This treatment you can’t feel the difference of the hair because it works from the inside.


  • HAIR CELLOPHANE or HAIR GLOSS – This treatment uses henna wax (this are not the once used in TATOOS!!) it shines and covers the outer layer of the hair and with this kind of treatment you can choose a color that will temporarily be in your hair approximately a month or so. Usually this treatment (if you have experienced it before) leaves your hair bleeding the next day when you shower. This treatment coats the hair and makes it VERY VERY shinny and a light color reflect will appear when you are directly hit my sunlight.


  • HAIR DETOX – it detoxifies and scrape away scums that build up in your hair from the pollutants and shampoo or gel residue left behind. This treatment involves two process: First, is the scraping away of the scums and excess build ups in your hair. And  second, is the treatment replacing the necessary moisture that was loss.