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Instagram To Find Salons

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There are tons of ways to find great hair and nail salons. Sometimes Yelp isn’t the best way. There are a lot of boutique salons or micro salons that simple don’t have the volume of customers to get high ranks on yelp or the resources to come up on maps. One great place to turn is instagram. Stylists typically will have an instagram account and post pictures of their clients depicting the quality of their true work. The best stylists or technicians can be found on instagram especially if your looking for someone who does something unique.

If you follow and like a lot of hair and makeup stuff on instagram when you do search you will be able to scroll over and find a category for this. You can also do a search by location by hitting the Places tab next to tags.  Sometimes you can get lucky and find an instagram account that using the word your searching for in their name and they will show up in a Places Search.

This is how we found a great salon that specializes in Glitter Gel Nails Art in Tempe. Addicted To Nails. check out their instagram to see why we got so excited.

History of Brazilian Blowout

History of Brazilian Blowout

You came here curious or having a question in mind of what is the main history of Brazilian Blowout? Well, you are just few seconds away to find it out. From the source name of Brazilian, this type of technique in hair straightening comes from Brazil. Since then, people have called it in different names like Brazilian Blow Dry, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, Brazilian Blowout and more. Though the main effect of this type of service helps the customer get a smooth hair. Nowadays, it is commonly named as Keratin Smoothing or Keratin Treatment. Before, they used toxic and dangerous chemical. But today, they revised the ways in treating hair using a different and safer method like using products that don’t have FORMALDEHYDE, which is the cause of toxic and a dangerous chemical.


FORMALDEHYDE has Glycolic Acid or GA that was used ever since for anti-aging. It is even used in products for your skin. It has been proven that GA can penetrate in cuticle layer of our hair, giving it the ability to attach in our hair leaving it smoother than your regular shampoo. Also, it helps you have a manageable, shiny and soft hair. Nowadays, this Brazilian method is revised to have a non-toxic or dangerous products used, so you can rest your head and stop worrying about getting your hair damaged from Keratin Treatment. Thanks to the innovators in this products, you can enjoy a smooth, silky and healthy hair without worries.

How Long Does The Treatment Work?

After the treatment you can immediately feel the improvement of your hair. It would last up to 2-3 months which stays definitely longer than those other services that you had for your hair treatment.

Advantages To Expect?

Aside from having a smooth, silky, shiny and manageable hair. The advantages you would get from Keratin Treatment will reduce frizz, repair the damage in your hair and making it perfect for any occasion you are going to. Plus, if you want to have a different style for your hair next week, you can confidently make your hair wavy, curly and yes you still get the same quality of smoothness as it is safe to style your hair. It can keep your hair straight but not as the same as other straightening services because the main job of Brazilian Blowout, is to keep your hair healthy and at the same time treat it from damaged.

It is perfect for those who want to keep the smoothness in their hair and style it whatever they want, even in every other week. Just don’t expect to have the same straightness as you will get from straightening service.

Now that you have the idea of the history of Brazilian Blowout, it would be easier for you to determine if it fits for your hair or not. It’s one of the best service you can get to make you have a healthy and beautiful hair. But it all depends to you on how you want your hair taken care of.

Organic Hair Dye

Organic Hair Dye

For those who are new to hair dye or hair color, it is easy to figure out what color solutions to use without thinking too much or doubting if your hair gets damaged. But for those who are sincere with the health of their hair. It would definitely leave you a question of “Is there such a thing as organic hair dye that you can safely use to keep your hair safe from harsh chemicals?” Well, glad you asked that, because yes there are hair dye solutions that are made in organic materials which means it is 100% safe for your hair.

Why Use Organic Hair Dye?

Using organic solutions for your hair or even in your skin care products would reduce the risk of getting your hair and skin damaged from those harmful and toxic materials. Organic solutions is also perfect for those who are pregnant or with disorders. Since, it is completely safe. You can rest assure that you won’t get your skin irritated, keep your hair soft, silky and healthy. If you have sensitive skin for allergic reactions, you should get a proper skin check and ask for recommendations, because even if the solution that is used are organic, there are certain ingredients that might not be suitable for your skin. Thought organic products are purely safe for everyone to use.

Does It Work The Same From Other Solutions with Chemicals?

The answer is yes. It works the same and the best thing is that, it doesn’t have to hurt your hair while getting it styled. You don’t have to worry if your hair is going to dry, get harmful chemicals and even damaged. Plus, it even lasts long. It’s the best solution to keep your hair healthy even if you keep changing your hair color.

Getting Hair Dye In Salon

Thinking about getting your hair color in a salon? Well, you have to know if they are using organic solutions or not. Some salons offer organic hair dye solutions and some don’t. Most people get a mistake of choosing the wrong products though chemicals can be strong which is good for certain type of hair. But, it you really want to have a healthy hair dye? Then get to a salon where they offer organic hair dye solution. Better ask for it than get your hair damaged.

Our hair is one of the things that keep us beautiful and confident. So don’t take it for granted and love your hair as much as you love your life. Now that you got an idea of hair dye organic products, you have the choice either to go organic or chemical based hair dye solutions. Many people are making a wrong decision before dying their hair, which would end up getting damaged hair. So if you are planning to get your hair dye, get yourself an organic hair dye solution. Confidently change your hair color from time to time and get updated with the latest hair trend with worry free from hair damage. If you have a big salon you might want to get a small dumpster rental to help clean out the old products.

The Rainbow Hair Trend

The Rainbow Hair Trend

There are different styles and colors we can do to our hair. In social media one of the most popular hair trend is the Rainbow hair, which girls get to use different colors to dye their hair and it definitely looks great. Many girls would die just to get their hair in a rainbow color. But what is the rainbow hair trend all about? Rainbow hair looks magical, unique and even used by certain Hollywood artists today, which is why more and more woman are getting interested in this type of hair trend.

What To Expect?

The rainbow hairstyle is perfect for anyone to use whatever texture or length of your hair is. You will definitely get noticed by people when you walk in the streets and catch everyone attention, because of those bright variety of colors that you wear off your head. That’s what you can expect if you want to have your hair dye with a rainbow color. And since it is part of the trend, you can easily find salons who can do the rainbow hair trend for you.

How To Decide?

These days there are plenty of hair colors that you can use to dye your hair and yes choosing your favorite color would definitely make you love it even more. The basic things you need to prepare in getting your rainbow hair color is mainly the color, length & view.

Color – find colors that are unique, your favorite or pick from multi-mixed colors for better result

Length – how long do you want it? There are some who doesn’t put a full cover with their rainbow hairstyle, instead just put certain parts of their hair like the bangs, center side, edge and etc. It all depends on how you want rainbows to show.

Visibility – one of the important thing that you might need to consider is the visibility of the rainbow in your hair. You can have full rainbow hair coverage, under your covered dark hair or just get it for highlights. Thick or thin layers of your hair and etc.

This helps you decide the key points you want for your hair to look. Best thing you can do? Search in the internet for “rainbow hair styles” and you will easily get an idea of how you would like your hair to be colored as rainbow. Also, you can save those images, go to the salon and show them a reference for them to know easily what you expect for your rainbow hair color to look like.

What Makes It On Trend?

Aside from used by Hollywood artist, the rainbow hair color can bring potential, confident, style, uniqueness and draws attraction to people. Yes, everyone would love to have this kind of hair color but not all has the courage to get their hair rainbow done. Having the type of hair color that is unique from the rest is surely get noticed.

How To Pick A Hair Seminar

How To Pick A Hair Seminar

Technology is fast changing and we can even see new technology discovered every now and then, which is a good thing as it would benefit every human being. Being updated with the latest trends is beneficial for you. Either you are a business owner or have your own private career that you are working on, being updated with the new discoveries is not just going to make you competitive but make you better in the services or the products that you offer. This is why seminars is being held, to help people across the globe gather all together to share new things that would contribute to people, business owners, suppliers and innovators.

There’s a lot of benefit that you can get from attending a hair seminar, since there are information that you will learn that would definitely add to your skills, technology and knowledge in hair trends. But how do you know if you are attending the right seminar? There are things that you need to consider, so here are the things you need to consider in picking a hair seminar:

1. Location – the first thing you need to consider is the location where the seminar is going to be held. If you are confident with the place to travel or is it too far from you? Will you be available to travel in these type of country? Visa? Time and date? Hotel booking? Doing a little bit of research could help you get an advance booking and get things prepared first before deciding to attend.

2. Reputable People – hear the new discoveries from the popular or trusted people in hairdressing industry. Get to know who are the best source who are going to attend in the event. Having the popular and reputable speaker would definitely worth the time and effort spent in travel. Pick seminars that has the perfect information that would enhance your ability and give you the benefit of expanding your horizon.

3. Covering Areas – each of the even has their own list of areas that they are covering in the event. The best thing to do before deciding is to know these things that they are going to do or happenings that you can expect to happen in the event. With this, you will be able to know that it’s the right event for you to attend.

Now that you know how to pick a hair seminars. Try to get involve to hair seminars as much as possible as it would definitely give you the latest update for hair industry, which you can apply to your career, business or products. Each of the seminars held can help you meet reputable people, business owners, suppliers and innovators that may help you get an opportunity for enhance your skills, knowledge or even get an investor for your business.

What Is Micro Salon

What Is Micro Salon


It’s always fun to learn new things and be on top of the trend. Nowadays, there’s a lot of things happening in the world, product made and things that are yet to be discovered. And being on top would require you to learn now and then. There are certain events that is created to help people gather from different parts of the world to obtain information, meet new people, meet business partners and exchange knowledge in an industry. For those of you don’t know who are confused or having a question of what is micro salon? You are just right on track. In this article, we can help you understand what Micro Salon is and how can it benefit you.

What Is Micro Salon?

Micro Salon is one of the even that is created to group people to provide knowledge, new products, technology and help meet people for business purposes. An event where you can learn a lot of new things that are yet to be shown to people. Micro Salon is created and focused for film making industry. People who come in this event will get the latest knowledge in all aspects that are available and shared by the contributors.

How It Can Benefit You?

It opens a great opportunity for innovators to show their product, business owners to meet partners or to find suppliers to sell products and more. Whether you are making the product, own a business or someone who wants to invest in film making industry. This is the best event to attend, as this will not only help you but also give you the opportunity to meet or hear from the top companies in the whole world to contribute their knowledge in this industry. It’s a great event for people who wants to expand or enhance their business.

What Happens In Micro Salon?

There’s a lot of things that will happen and it will surely leave you knowledgeable after the event.

Learn new products to be released – contributors open their new products and services to the public, helping them share their new update, technology used and etc.

Shared stories – speakers will come from the biggest and top companies from all over the world to share their stories, contribution and how their product or service can help the community. Meet the people behind the successful products and get to see them speak.

Exhibits on how product works – the contributors gather in this event to show their product through exhibits. You will be able to get hands on learning to their products and able to see it first before it is even shown in the public.

When you attend, you will get an overview of what’s going to happen in the event. Joining in these types of event will broaden your knowledge regarding products, services and technology in film making industry. There are best products that are yet to come in the market to benefit your business and help people from different parts of the world get the latest product or service that would enhance their skills in the industry.

Brazilian Blowout

Q. What is Brazilian Blowout?

A. Brazilian Blowout is a professional smoothing treatment that eliminates frizz and gives hair radiant shine. It is the ONLY one that actually improves the health of hair.

Q. Why Brazilian Blowout called Brazilian?

A. Historical roots of Brazilian Blowout are from Brazil. A lot of stylists in Brazil make their own concoction. Brazilian Blowout finds a way to perfect and make development with no downtime, fast procedure and less step. Here in the Philippines, Like “Adobo” different style and different taste

Q. Is it the same as rebonding or straightening?

A. No! Brazilian Blowout does not break the bonds of the hair and will not flatten hair permanently. It creates a protective protein layer around the hair shaft therefore smoothing the cuticles and eliminating frizz.

Q. Who is the best candidate for the Brazilian Blowout?

A. Anyone who wants smoother, healthier, frizz-free hair that’s ultra-shiny. It will work especially well on damaged or processed hair.

Q. What kind of look will you get from the Brazilian Blowout?

A. You will get totally frizz-free hair that’s smooth and extremely shiny with a lot of body and bounce.

Different Hair Treatments


There are a lot of HAIR TREATMENTS in the market right now. And SALONS also offer a lot of different kinds of hair treatment. Here are the truths of HAIR TREATMENTS as my years of experience managing a salon and years and years of attending and doing HAIR SEMINARS taught me.

As I have said in my KIKAY MUCH! TIPS it is advisable or better to seek a professional hair treatment once in a while. If you have extra budget once a month hair treatment will do.

Take NOTE: hair treatments are good for your hair and are advised by professionals for at least once a month. You can never OVER DO a hair treatment the more hair treatment you do the more it strengthens and repairs you hair.

There are two kinds of HAIR TREATMENTS:

One kind concentrates on smoothing and repairing the OUTER LAYER of the hair, which is the CUTICLE layer of the hair shalf. In this kind of treatments you can feel the difference of your hair right after the treatment. It usually smells good and some treatments have a minty feeling.


The other kind is that it penetrates to the INNER LAYER of the hair shalf to the CORTEX and repairing damages that were cause by previous chemical process.

Lets discuss the TOP HAIR TREATMENTS being offered by leading SALONS.

  • HOT OIL – a deep conditioning hair treatment smoothing the outer layer of you hair. Some have aromatherapy, some have coconut extracts, some are specifically for colored hair, some also are for relaxed and straightened hair. Usually done with hair steamers.
  • HAIR SPA – also a treatment for outer layer of the hair and focuses on the scalp, this kind of treatment usually are aromatic in nature to give a relaxing feel for the client.


  • POWER DOSE (LOREAL) or Treatments that comes in a VIAL- These kinds of treatments are the once who sip inside the hair and repairing it from the inside. This treatment you can’t feel the difference of the hair because it works from the inside.


  • HAIR CELLOPHANE or HAIR GLOSS – This treatment uses henna wax (this are not the once used in TATOOS!!) it shines and covers the outer layer of the hair and with this kind of treatment you can choose a color that will temporarily be in your hair approximately a month or so. Usually this treatment (if you have experienced it before) leaves your hair bleeding the next day when you shower. This treatment coats the hair and makes it VERY VERY shinny and a light color reflect will appear when you are directly hit my sunlight.


  • HAIR DETOX – it detoxifies and scrape away scums that build up in your hair from the pollutants and shampoo or gel residue left behind. This treatment involves two process: First, is the scraping away of the scums and excess build ups in your hair. And  second, is the treatment replacing the necessary moisture that was loss.

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